The Harsh Truth about Public Schools

So what is this book about? It is about the many ways in which government schools are hazardous to children, and especially Christian children. Christian parents need to see government schools for what they really are, not for what they claim to be or for what they once were. This book is about why government schools are unreformable -- why they cannot and should not be expected to provide the Christian education that the Bible enjoins Christian parents to provide their children.

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Bruce Shortt attended public schools through 12th grade; his mother was public school nurse; and, both of his grandmothers were public school teachers. His is a graduate of Harvard Law School, has a Ph.D. from Stanford University, was a Fulbright Scholar, and serves on the boards of directors of the Houston Ebony Music Society and the Exodus Mandate. He is a member of the North Oaks Baptist Church and currently practices law in Houston, Texas, where he resides with his wife and homeschool their sons. Mr. Shortt and T.C. Pinckney were co-sponsors of the Christian Education Resolution that was submitted for consideration at the 2004 Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Monday, January 31, 2005


By J. Grant Swank, Jr.
MichNews. com
Jan 31, 2005

"At this point, there are many, many pastors and parents who need to be educated about our obligation to provide a
Christian education to our children," Shortt told WND. com.

"In time, most [SBC members] are going to understand better that the little red schoolhouse has really become the little
white sepulcher, and it's a seething cauldron of spiritual, moral and academic mythologies," states Bruce N. Shortt, a
homeschooling father. He also holds advanced degrees from Harvard and Stanford, according to WorldNetDaily's Ron

The headline reads: "Baptist activists: Pull kids out of school."